Solar Film

Solar window film is applied on the inner surface of the window and it has a lot of direct benefits for you and your home. Since it is installed in the inside of the glass, installing solar tint is fast easy to do. These are benefits of using solar film.

It reduces glare which makes it easy on the eyes. While outside, you use sunglasses and while inside, you will need the protection of solar control. Not only is glare annoying, but also harmful and tiring to the eyes which makes one uncomfortable and less productive.

Solar film is going to provide one with twenty percent to more than eighty percent reduction of the glare and reflection while maintaining a clear view. This makes it easy for one to read by the window or see the screen of a computer without being bothered by glare problems.

Benefits of Solar film and Ceiling Insulation

Solar film reduce heat gain in the home by reflecting the heat away, when used in conjunction with isotherm thermal insulation the energy saving benefit is substantial.

Solar rays that pass through untreated glass causes fading and damage to interiors. Carpets, furniture, wood finishes and drapes can all be affected. Window film offers protection by blocking all the damaging UV rays, reduce heat in your home and filtering visible light which results in reduced fading of the interiors. You will have created a better environment for your valuable furniture.

Solar Film for Windows


After the installation of film, all your interior space can be enjoyed in comfort. You can use areas which are close to the window which are often too bright or hot when the window is not treated. Temperature control reduces the cost of air conditioning and extends the life of your cooling system. When it comes to energy saving, you should consider solar shield window tinting.

The right window film will create a look of elegance in your home. Some interior decorations or furniture which when seen from the outside, can give an inconsistent appearance to your home. Applying window film is going to make a difference leaving one with a beautiful and harmonious exterior. Choose colors that are able to compliment the elements of your structure in order to upgrade the appearance while enjoying the benefits the film has to offer you.

When the unexpected occurs, glass can be a dangerous material. Nature poses increased danger like violent weather, earthquakes or even high winds. Hostile acts and vandalism are an unfortunate reality. In such events, shattered glass or flying shards are the main cause of injury.

You should therefore consider choosing safety films that are meant to provide practical protection from the above hazards. These films have a thick polymer construction and tough adhesive that bonds to the window thus creating a safety net between you and the glass which holds broken glass in place.

As seen above, it is essential to use solar film on your windows. You stand to gain all those benefits.