Polyester Insulation

In recent years, the use of polyester insulation products has grown in South Africa. Homeowners have been enjoying the fact that these insulation products do not contain “fibreglass” or “chemicals”. It’s a clean, healthy and non-allergic option to use in your home or place of work.

Currently, isotherm is the king of the polyester products in South Africa. There have been a number of other products popping up over the years trying to compete with isotherm. The problem is that they just don’t have the same high R-values and density as the original brand.

Cooler and Warmer Climates

For cooler and warmer climates we recommend using the 145mm isotherm insulation. This is the thickest product in the isotherm line up. It competes with the 135mm aerolite insulation in terms of r-value and density. The bulk of the South African homeowners that use the polyester insulation would choose the 145mm.

It is the highest priced insulation product currently on the market but worth the money. Remember the thicker the insulation product, the better the thermal and acoustic properties of the product will be. They also make a 135mm isotherm thickness, although not as popular.

How is Polyester Insulation Made?

Isotherm is made from recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise be dumped in a landfill site. These plastic bottles take many years to degrade. This makes the insulation product a very eco-friendly product to use at home.