Gas heating vs Wood burning Fire places

Unless you are into snow related activities, winter is pretty terrible. One of the best consolations for this seemingly endless season is curling up in front of a nice fireplace on a cold winter day. Fireplaces are actually a selling point for new home buyers. They are aesthetically pleasing and the mantle is the best place to display family photos and accomplishments. Most home fireplaces are either wood burning or use natural gas.

Gas heating vs Wood burning fire places what is better?

Wood burning fireplaces provide yellow flames and orange hot coals which give a room a warm, cozy feel and look. The crackling sound and occasional firework like sparks and the smell of burning wood adds a nostalgic ambiance to a room.

You will need wood. For people who live in the country, getting it will not be hard but for those in the suburbs, you will need to buy them. You should know that wet wood does not burn well. It is therefore essential to let the wood dry well so that it produces the least amount of creosote.

gas fire place

Wood burning fireplaces must be cleaned after the fire is out and the fireplace cools down. You need to be careful as the dust from the ash might blow back to the room making it dirty. You should also cover your nose so that you do not end up with flu.

Relaying on an external source for heating your home is not ideal. When it rains and the wood is wet, you cannot start a fire with it which means, you will have to freeze the entire time it is raining. Wood fireplaces cannot be run on other materials but wood alone.

With gas fireplaces, you do not have to put in any manual work as you would with a wood burning fireplace. These fireplaces are very easy to use just by flipping a switch or even pushing a button to start and end the fire. The ease and convenience will be made even greater with models that come with a remote control. You can start a fire as you sit on the couch by using a remote control.

Gas stoves remove less wasted heat than wood stoves. This helps to maintain the cool environment in your home. The gas flame and heat that it emits will immediately disappear when it is switched off whereas wood fireplace will continue emitting heat until it cools off completely.

Gas stoves have an evenly distributed heat. If an electric cook top is not perfectly flat, the heat from the burner will not be able to distribute evenly to the cookware. Since the flame of a gas cook top is centralized, it is going to allow for heat to distribute uniformly.

With the information above, you will have to make your decision based on personal preference and what will best keep you warm.

Roof insulation or loft insulation to use less energy

There are a number of Roof Insulation products on the market that are very effective at conserving energy. It is always important when using your fire place weather it be gas burning or wood burning your goal is to make the living space warmer. With insulation products like Polyester Isotherm Thermal insulation or Think Pink Aerolite Insulation you will achieve the warm cozy home feel at a fraction of the cost as the insulation will store the heat more effectively. For more info on Aerolite go check out this site they have a wealth of information about all types of insulation.