Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are composed of two panels which are fused in one frame and are separated by a small space. The space can either be filled with air or with a non toxic gas like argon. Manufacturers usually leave a space that measures between twenty millimeters for maximum efficiency.

The gap between the panels helps by acting as an insulating barrier therefore helps to slow down the rate in which heat escapes from a domestic or commercial building. There are several factors that one needs to consider when looking for glazed windows and some include the window frame material and suitability of the frame among others. You should also consider getting isotherm installers to install ceiling insulation in your attic for best results.

 How do double glazed windows reduce heat loss?

Double glazed windows are designed to have a space between the two glass panels. The space measures between 16 mm to 20 mm and is usually filled with either air or with a non toxic gas like argon.

When heat from the room radiates to the inner most glass panel, it is absorbed since glass as a solid material can absorb heat. Through the process of conduction, the heat from the inner glass panel finds it’s way to the space between the two panels.

The air between the two panels creates a vacuum where low pressure and density prevail. When heat finds it’s way to the space, the vacuum between the panels prevents it from radiating to the second panel therefore dispersing it in the vacuum. Once heat is dispersed in the space, its intensity reduces due to low pressure and density.

This principle is effective in ensuring that energy is saved in a home or a commercial building therefore double glazed windows are an energy saving option.

Insulation is great to help reduce energy with double glazed windows, for summer and winter heat loss or gain.

Alluminium Double Glazed Windows

How does it reduce noise?

Glazed windows with two panels are known to very efficient in preventing entry of ambient noises from the surrounding. They are perfect especially if you live near a busy street, under a flight path or for home owners who need peace and quiet. Products like home insulations also help reduce noise levels.

Noise like heat is usually in form of waves therefore when generated by a car or plane or any other source, it can be absorbed by a solid object like glass. For home owners with single panel windows, the noise generated by an outside source will be heard and will create a chaotic environment.

For home owners who have opted for double glazed windows, they have the advantage of experiencing a noise free environment. The noise from outside is usually dispersed once it reaches the space between the two panels.

The low pressure and density space between the panels reduces the vibrations from the sound leading to their dispersal. Once this happens, the initial force the sound/noise had will be eliminated therefore the home owner will not hear the noise while inside the home.

In many countries double glazed windows have now become compulsory to help conserve energy. Even fire places need to be more energy efficient as well as air conditioners need to use far less energy as their predecessors.