Dave Lennox Collection x25

The rise in temperatures due to global warming has led to the rise in use of air conditioners to help keep domestic and commercial buildings cool. While opening windows may be a natural alternative to cooling a home, owning an air conditioner would help make the house cooler. AC’s not only help to get rid of the heat but also help to allow the flow of fresh air in the home. Roof insulation products like aerolite or isotherm also help reduce heat flow into your house or building.

Below are three top brands of air conditioners you need to know about.

 Dave Lennox Collection XC25

It is currently the best central air conditioning unit any home owner can get to own. It is equipped with precise comfort cool technology which helps to adjust fan speed, the heat and air flow capacity. This is achieved through increments which are small as 1% in order to create the ultimate temperature.

It also has the variable capacity inverter controlled operator which is engineered to work like the cruise system in a high performance car. It helps to make automatic adjustments to the cooling operations of the AC.

It comes with a SunSource solar ready option that enables home owners to add solar modules that can generate electricity for the AC and others. It is energy star qualified and has passed and exceeded EPA guidelines.

It has SilentComfort technology that delivers sound levels which are as low as 59 decibels making it 50% quieter than standard AC units.

Dave Lennox Collection XC25 for homes

 Frigidaire iQ Drive FS4BI

The AC utilizes an inverter driven rotary compressor which allows the system to modulate from 40% to 188% of capacity which helps to offset the cooling demands of a home. The iQ drive system cannot turn on and off like a standard AC system therefore it makes it extremely efficient.

It operates at the lowest sound levels which are below 59 decibels. It has a dehumidification mode therefore it can run longer at lower levels and provides additional dehumidification assistance and increases home cool comfort.

It has an innovative controller that offers complete control over your indoor environment. It provides the home owner with maintenance reminders, a programmable comfort schedule and additional advantages with the premium thermostat.

It is highly energy efficient and eco friendly.

 American Standard Platinum ZV

The American Standard Platinum ZV is equipped with the Accucomfort technology which enables the system to adjust speed and maintain a personal level of comfort. It is highly efficient with a rating of 21.00 SEER, has multi staged cooling with maximum comfort and humidity control. It has a variable speed adjuster that helps the machine to work smarter therefore lowering operation costs.

The enhanced humidity control allows for seamless comfort and reduced energy costs. It is built with durable materials, innovative features and durable construction. The machine provides minimal noise when operating than most standard AC units therefore making it among the best to won.

Energy saving air conditioners with Insulation saves energy

All air conditioners will run more effectively with either double glazed windows or Solar film to reduce heat loss. Roof Insulation products like fiberglass thermal insulation for roofs is very effective at reducing energy loss.