Aerolite Insulation

Aerolite Insulation it is more important than ever you insulate your home with the world wide energy crisis. All Roof Insulation products as long as they are compliant will go a long way to reducing the impact of Global Warming.

Just look at what’s happening across America this winter with record cold, heavy snows, and pileups on major roadways due to ice.

At the same time, you are throwing money out the window in lost energy costs if your home and attic are not properly insulated.

That’s what this article is about today. You will see how you can save cash and have a more comfortable living environment at the same time by just adding Aerolite insulation to your home and attic.

When you are done reading you’ll understand better how a properly insulated home will not only be a better place to live but how it saves not only on heating costs in the winter but also keep your home cool in the summer as well.

How to keep you home warm or cool with Aerolite Insulation

Aerolite Insulation is made up spun Fiberglass and silica, which when combined forms a heat shield similar to that, which protects space capsules as they renter the Earth’s atmosphere.

But, in your home’s case, the heat shield is inside your walls or up in your attic reduce heat flow to the outside through you roof.

A home can lose up to 35% of its heat through the upper regions of the house to the open air. Thermal insulation is so very important to reduce this loss of energy.

Heat is consider long wave radiation and bounces like a ball around your home. If you use a insulating material like Aerolite, which traps this energy inside you home and your heating systems doesn’t have to work as hard, as it’s not heating the outside as well as the inside of your home.

What benefits do I get if I Insulate with Aerolite Insulation?

The spun fireglass and silica combine to create a heat reflective barrier that not only cuts the loss of energy, but also is also resistant to both heat and cold.

Aerolite insulation also protects your home against fire as well. If you insulate your walls as well as your attic, fire cannot spread from room to room during a fire. This provides not only an energy savings but protect for you home and family as well.

The result of this is you can save on you electrical and heating cost of up to 25-30%.

This fact alone has made insulation mandatory in places such as Cape Town South Africa as the country is trying the curb skyrocketing energy costs that are occurring today.

Aerolite insulation has become very popular not only in Cape Town but in most parts of South Africa including Johannesburg and Pretoria.

You will also receive the following benefits with Aerolite Insulation:

  1.   Aerolite Insulation has great fire rating and will not burn
  2.  50 year lifespan
  3.  Eco-Friendly
  4.  Does not attract insects and other vermin
  5.  Lightweight
  6.  No upkeep required
  7.  Adds roof insulation energy savings of 25-30% per annum
  8.  Simple to install
  9. Cool in summer
  10. Warm in winter

In fact in America today if you use Aerolite Insulation you home can become Green and receive tax credits for energy saving measures. This is a double win-win for the homeowner today who has to face rising electrical costs.

A Winning solution to winter’s cold and summer’s heat

Today you’ve seen some of the benefits you get if you insulate your home and attic with Aerolite Thermal Insulation.

It will keep your home Cool in the summer and make your home comfortable in winter’s bitter cold that is occurring all over America and Europe in the past few months.

Your energy costs will plummet up to 30% and you make be eligible for money back from the government for making your home Green and by cutting your home’s carbon footprint.

So, in the final analysis you get a threefold advantage in Comfort, Energy Savings, and Tax incentives.

This is the reason you should “Think Pink Aerolite Insulation and Go Green” with Aerolite Insulation.

Aerolite Insulation for Roofs